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Makeup Classes

Virtual option available for all lessons, if needed.


Virtual Consultation

Eyes Makeup Lesson

This lesson is perfect for the person who wants to improve her makeup skills and needs feedback on how to use products she already owns and recommendations on what to buy.

This is your chance to ask a makeup artist your most burning questions such as:

- What foundation suits my type of skin?

- How can I make my makeup last longer?

- What are some beginner-friendly eyeshadow techniques?

..... and many more!

30 min


This lesson is for makeup beginners who want to elevate their everyday look. This lesson will cover:

- Product and technique recommendations for eye primers

- How to do your eyebrows according to your face shape

- How to bring out your eyes using eyeshadows, liner, mascara, and/or lashes

- How to correctly apply eyeliner based on your eye shape.

- How to apply lashes and correct size them to fit your eye shape... and much more!

We encourage you to bring your own makeup products to give you feedback on the products you already own.

45 mins



Private Lesson
(one on one)

We offer a private two-hour makeup lesson where we will show you how to do a full face from start to finish. We encourage you to bring your makeup and brushes to practice your look on products you already own. The lesson covers the following:

- Prepping skin for makeup

- creating a flawless face with foundation and concealer

- Perfecting eyes brows based on your face shape

- Proper use of makeup brushes

- Proper application of contour, bronzer, blush and powder.

- Bringing out your eyes using eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara

- Perfecting lip liner and lipstick

- Product and technique recommendations based on your specific skin type and facial features

We can focus on a particular technique such as contouring, or a smokey eye liner. You are encouraged to bring in a picture of a particular makeup look that you want to achieve. 

2 hours



Complexion makeup lesson

Bridal Makeup lesson

Group lessons

Are you looking to do your own makeup for your big day?

Book a class to learn the latest trends and techniques for bridal makeup looks. With this lesson you will learn:

- How to prep your skin for your big day 

- Create a makeup look with an artist that best suites your face and eye shape 

- product recommendations

- makeup teqniques on how to make your make up last longer

And much more!

1 hour


This one-on-one makeup lesson focuses on creating a flawless base. We encourage you to bring your own makeup products and brushes to get practice with the products you already are familiar with. In this lesson you will learn:

- skin prep based on your skin type

-Foundation type;  which foundation best suits your skin needs

- methods for applying foundation

- how to use concealer and powder

- product recommendations

- proper application of contour/bronzer and blush

You are encouraged to ask your artist any questions during your lesson.

45 mins


Please contact us through the form below to schedule a group lesson.

Looking to book a group lesson? 

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